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We believe our services should be accessible to every one of our customers.

Online services

We make updates to our websites regularly, following universal usability and design principles, as well as priorities one and two of the World Wide Web Consortium® (W3C).

Navigate by headings
We've structured our website so that each section on each page is labelled with a heading, which screen readers can identify, helping you to find information easily.

Descriptive link text
We use descriptive link text wherever we can. If that’s not possible we'll include additional text before or after the link which can be picked up by screen readers, making the link destination clear for everyone.

Upgrade your Adobe® Reader®
PDF files created in Adobe Reader version 4.0 or earlier aren’t compatible with screen readers, so we only create PDF files for version 5.0 or over. To open them, you’ll need at least Adobe® Reader® version 5.0.

Video content
If we display video content, wherever possible we’ll also supply a written transcript.

Improving online visibility

Font sizes
You can update your browser settings to control the size of text displayed on the websites you visit. Search online for information about changing the settings in your preferred browser.

The footer of includes an accessibility switch, giving you the option to view a standard (white and blue) or a high contrast (yellow and black) version of the website.

Telephone Services

If you need to contact us by phone, but you have a hearing or speech impairment, there are a range of secure text phone (Minicom) services available in the UK. Search online, or contact your provider for information.

By dialling a unique prefix, our representatives will know they’re on a text call… an operator from your selected service provider will then join the call to relay the conversation between us and you.

Letters and other communications

We can send communications to you in a range of formats, including large print, Braille and audio CD. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your needs.

To ensure all correspondence is sent in your preferred format, your account will be given a unique reference and an MBNA PO Box address.

Need a hand from someone else?

If you’d like to nominate a third party to deal with us on your behalf, you can send us a letter of authority. To find out more, please contact us. We may accept verbal authority on a case-by-case basis.

nuba credit cards are issued by MBNA Limited. Registered Office: Stansfield House, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9QQ. Registered in England and Wales under company number 02783251. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. MBNA Limited is also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, Register Number: 204487 for the provision of payment services. nuba is a trading name of MBNA Limited. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for quality and training purposes and for compliance with regulations.